£990.00 GBP

2 monthly payments

Realise your Future Image

Learn how to re-design your image to express your individuality, re-define your relevance and realise your new goals 

What you'll get:

  • A clear, structured, A to Z image exploration and re-design guide informed by your own, actionable audit of your internal and external qualities
  • A robust capability to grow, design and curate your image 
  • Fit-for-purpose strategies, tactics and resources to realise your image for your new goals

What People Are Saying:

Image Ability programs have made me realise that my image is my greatest asset. If only I could start sooner to make the most of it!

You have helped turning my own perceptions around. Thank you for the practicality of your programs.

'Forget about the clothes' is something I would have never thought I would say! Working with you helped me understand my image potential underneath and beyond 'the covers'. I loved the experience - you have made it so doable, natural and inspirational.