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Learn, grow, design and realise your future image with our Image Ability approach.  Welcome to your learning and membership space!

What is Image Ability?

In four steps, our signature Image Ability approach is built to help you design, improve and transform your image and style with confidence and poise.  It enables you to grasp the opportunity to grow, succeed, and thrive through change.

This proven process helps women like you re-kindle your relationship with yourself, your image and all that you do as a participant in the environment, not just spectator.

Image ability is about your ability to grow, perform be fulfilled - while also having fun. From inside out and  beyond your clothes . . . which are just part of the story.

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This is how we work together  

The Image Aability approach is built around you:  for you to align your inner characteristics with your goals, to grow and enjoy realising the image for the life you wish to live.  Learn how to put yourself together well, to look good and feel great - and succeed in your projects.  Your destination is your Future Image.

We will guide you towards the best suited pathway for your needs and success.

Our courses, membership, positive technology, mentoring, coaching and personal consultations are driven by your image ambitions and current challenges.


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Future Image

Courses & Training

Training in three steps: to explore, grow and realise the ins and outs of your image.


Image Design


A toolbox of resources to help you implement your image learnings and do it faster


Image Mirror

The Digital Wardrobe

A functional and fun Digital wardrobe for a sustainable and mindful approach to your image. Improve healthy habits, productivity, wellbeing and performance.


Mentoring, Coaching, Consulting

A 1:1 approach - group or team

Mentoring is a smart relationship. Bespoke programmes of mentoring, coaching and consultations are designed for your particular needs and goals. 


Meet your mentor 


I’m Daniela Florea. I set up Image Ability to help women recognise their stage in life, and use their image to write their next chapter, stylishly.  Use your presence as a tool to bridge the gap between where you are now, and where you want to be.