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Image Fundamentals

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Knowledge to grow your Image

This 6-module course gives you the most actionable and essential knowledge you need to manage your own image, feel and look great while not breaking the bank and the environment! 

With bite-size, practical exercises which give you a fast start to make the most of your personal characteristics and face any challenge.

Whether you are challenged or thriving in change, learn what matters for your Image.  

If you would rather stay put read on.... 

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Why doing something about our Image matters ... beyond what we wear

Statistics about the impact of what we wear on our lives and our Planet will have you saying 'why haven't I done this sooner?!'

We make lasting impressions with our appearance and what we wear is what people see first . We have between 2 to 7 seconds to make the first impression.

We consume 80 BILLION pieces of clothing per year.   

In 2020 it was estimated that we had an excess of clothes counting for 6 generations ahead (which means fast fashion has got out of control)

Only 10% of clothes in stores get sold. 90% end up in landfill, in 3rd countries or are burned.

And on average, every woman wears 20% of what she has in her wardrobe. 

...what does this all mean?

Empower yourself and make a change for good


Grow with knowledge you can apply every day to feel and look the way you want to live your life!

Designed for women who care about their looks, their impact on the others and their role in the environment.  Women like you who are ready to: 

  • Learn THE THINGS WHICH MATTER to make your Image work for the life you want.
  • Take the first step and do what you have learned to improve your life 
  • Move upward and onwards as a skilled and empowered colleague, mother, friend, leader.  

What results do others see?

"Daniela is a wonderful role model - her elegance and creativity come across in her guidance and her belief that every woman can comfortably build her own style.  She navigates you through a wide range of information with firm determination, cheering you on, whilst inspiring with her own elegant manner. I always thought I was too busy to spend time considering myself - but I have enjoyed joining Daniela on her mission to restore women's sense of delight in themselves as we breath new life into our horizons." 

Filipa, movement artist

"I have had a fair amount of ’Aha’ moments while taking the Image Fundamentals course and, the whole experience has made me realise that I should value my image more than I have actually cared to do so for some considerable time. As any woman, I think about this sometimes but, for reasons that I don’t know, I have not considered this a priority.  The course has helped me realise that my image really does matter and your course has kicked me into changing the way I think about it.  This has come at the right time for me: a real ’thank you’.

Elena, Senior Director


"Thank you for an attractive and useful course. This has come to me in a time of major change;  I am taking it slowly as I enjoy savouring the moment while I get things done one step at a time".

 Mariana, University Professor

"I have always been aware of the power of image but this course and my reflections made me think about it more consciously. By putting what matters on paper, I am starting my forward-planning with new energy.  Thank you so much!"

Dana, pharma physician

You can master your image fundamentals, even if:

...just thinking the words "Image" makes you think of politicians or celebrities and roll your eyes!

...even if your wardrobe is more of a museum than an inspiring dynamo!

...even if you’re working from home, and of late you have had to wear ZOOM-able bold tops all the time!.  (Oh, missing those beautiful shoes...) 

...even if you have nowhere else to go dressed up as you used to - and every day seems the same all over again.


Get your bite-size knowledge you can apply immediately!

Because no matter how good your intentions are, how many expensive or fast-fashion garments you buy or how you think of starting that weight-loss plan in January, sooner or later you’ll need to work SMARTER at your IMAGE.

(Buying more stuff or getting styled will not get you there and you’re run down again)



Your FOUNDATION training That Walks You Through the EXACT Steps For Understanding What Matters For Your Image to Live The Life You Want

You'll have access to:

The 'make it or break it' information you need to know to manage your own Image before making more costly purchases! 

Practical guidance from a mentor (yours truly!) who has nearly 30 years experience in change and image management and still runs her own business 

INSTANT access to the Image Fundamentals training —so that you can just go out there and take your first step towards your empowerment with useful knowledge you can apply

Exclusive growing community of other smart  women who care about their image and their role in the  environment 


Defining what image means to you

Understanding what 'Image' actually is

Discover what 'Image' means to you

So that you learn practical ways to gain clarity about your goals 


Building your image with personality

Discover the relationship between your personality and your image - and be clear about your priorities

Understand the difference between Image and Style

Step-by-step instructions on how to build your own essential integrated profile for a confident image


Identifying your style personality

The 7-questions guide to help you find your primary Style Personality with gusto!

Exactly what to think of in order to understand your style

Use a clear Style typology to help you see the bigger picture and don't get lost in too much information


Body and image to celebrate

Make sense of the relationship between body, image and habits.

Discover how to recognise patterns in body proportions to easily understand why things work or not and start thinking of what to actually do about it!

The '3+3 body me' reasons why body image can go wrong, and what to change! 


Essentials for colour direction

Discover what is colour and why it matters for Image

Step-by-step guide to identify your colour palette and direction

Practical tips to how to add more colour in your life


Pulling it all together, and choose your next step...

Check-out the Image Fundamentals profile you created during the course and deploy your new knowledge with ease!

Highlight which priority areas of action you need to ramp up to match your goals

Learn about the Image-ability step-by-step approach to guide and support you towards the Image destination of your design - stylishly and confidently!

Don’t put your wellbeing on hold!

It’s too easy to fall into the “I’ll just do my web browsing myself, get ideas from what others wear, see what retailers sell and fashion bloggers talk about and save money” trap...

...And it IS a trap.

Simply because you react to what others want you to make you click and buy more stuff while, in fact, you are struggling to get clarity on the bigger picture, through your own lens.

But the worst part?

The costs that come with every mistake you make with yet another impulse buy while practising retail therapy online or elsewhere. And if stuff doesn't fit your expectations you waste further time and energy returning - and this becomes a vicious circle.  


Before you ask, I don't aim to design your image for you...

...but I CAN help you get your foundation knowledge in place as the very first step.

You could hire a professional stylist for the cost of a new laptop  (anything between £750 and £2K per day). They’ll probably look in your wardrobe and tell you what to buy. They might help you buy a new outfit for an defined event. 

Though if you’re anything like me, you want to be able to take advantage of essential knowledge every time, not only for specific special events.  You want to have a framework in which you can design your image for what you actually want to achieve without stress about what to wear where and why.  

The solution is simple.

Get smart at managing your image YOURSELF—without wasting your time and money in a flash-in-a pan way and ending up with even more stuff and disillusioned.

Important Note: It matters to me that this makes an actual, quantifiable difference for you ...which is why I’m offering a 14-day, no questions asked, money back GUARANTEE. If you're not satisfied with the quality of the content, or for any other reason whatsoever, send an email to [email protected] requesting a full refund. Peace of mind?

Enrol in Image Fundamentals today!

Be part of a a group of smart women who learn how to be inspired by, create and embrace change.

Your image affects and reflects everything in your life. 

But it is up to you to learn what matters for your image - and you can take your first steps now.  

Join today for just £176 and get instant access.

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