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Realise your Future Image

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Learn how to re-design your image and realise your goals

This comprehensive programme guides you one step-at-a-time towards re-designing your image and personal brand for the life you wish to live.  It gives you the practical tools to explore your essence, authenticity, self-expression and re-define your relevance whatever stage of personal change you are navigating. 

Whether you are ....

  • An aspirational, one step at a time improver, diffident (sometimes embarassed) but keen to learn how you can improve others' perceptions about you. You can put structure, urgency and priority in re-designing your image for lasting confidence and gravitas.
  • An independent thinker, re-inventing in the fast lane, unexcited by the deja-vu, bog standard looks or appearance. You can re-invent your leadership style, work-life balance, decision-making and enjoyment via a meaningful personal image strategy without costing you the earth or becoming a fashion-victim.
  • At crossroads challenged by change, without a clear path ahead. You can learn how to be curious and proactive about  the value of your image for a fulfilling and authentic discovery and realisation of your new aspirations.


'Realise our Future Image' gives you the guidance and tools for boosting your confidence by re-building your self-belief, esteem and self-respect. So that you don't only look the part but most importantly feel and perform at your best.    

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Why work on your image?

Simply because you want to inspire, create trust, credibility and connection 

Your image is unique, you cannot buy it in shops or copy from somebody else.

Your image captures your essence and your individuality; it deserves to be fit for your dreams, talents and aspirations  

Your image that is authentically you becomes your reference for how you grow, live and realise in all areas of your life

While your style and clothing are not the most important factors in leadership, they have a significant impact on your confidence and how others perceive you.

You can learn how to enhance your leadership style a through your own image education and the choices you make. 

...what does this all mean?

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It is entirely in your power to realise your future image while learning and taking guided steps towards it 


Re-design your image organically with guidance, one step at a time - and at your own pace!

By the end of the programme, you will have:   

  • TRANSFORMED your image inside-out (instead of yet another meaningless training in assertiveness or a shopping spree)
  • GAINED A CLEAR, STRUCTURED VIEW of your internal and external qualities.  A solid understanding of how to design your personal image - which can only be yours
  • DETERMINED YOUR AESTHETICS including relationships with your likes and dislikes - and empower you to set your realistic goals
  • GROWN YOUR ABILITY TO CURATE YOUR IMAGE - and recognise when things are slipping off
  • IMAGINED YOUR RE-DESIGNED IMAGE so that you act with confidence towards your image destination aspiration
  • USED FIT-FOR-PURPOSE  RESOURCES for introspection and design to bring your Future Image into play now 
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What results do others see?

'Image Ability programs have made me realise that my image IS my greatest asset; I have been gradually learning how to design it myself, own it and make the best of it for my new goals'.


'Once I worked out my image DNA I felt I had an anchor to the real me. Since I re-viewed my image destination -  I felt that my challenges and aspirations as a mother, partner and professional woman have increasingly aligned.  There are all there to be realised and I am now taking the steps with ease, enjoyment and pride. It feels as if I am coming home'.


'When I started working with you my list of issues was so long - I know I needed a big re-set in my work-life balance. You have helped turning my own perceptions around by learning how to make the most of my image for diverse scenarios. I am no longer concerned about that long list now that I am positively interested in applying what I have been learning about how others perceive me.  Now I feel free as opposed to frustrated, confused, unnoticed and unheard'.


I am now more confident that I know how to own my presence and have more courage about making changes - mainly related to habits that do not serve me.  You have given me the kick I needed to recognise unrealistic goals. I also love it that I no longer leave dressing up up chance - even if I work mostly from home. Shopping with a plan has also made a positive change in my family's budget.  Thank you'.



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You can master your image present and future story, even if:

...you have never thought your image and personal brand is that important for your success

...you have struggled with lack of confidence and self-belief in a new multi-cultural setting

...you feel unease when negotiating with your superiors

...you are frustrated that people do not seem to take you seriously

.....you are not sure if it is your your communication style which is a barrier to the authority you are craving for in your new role  

....you are out of your comfort zone when it comes to handling difficult conversations

...you feel you have no influence in a male-dominated industry - although you have tried! 

Get yourself time to learn how to use your image - and apply immediately!

Because no matter how good your intentions are, how much generic or technical training you have had, how many expensive outfits you buy or how you think being sponsored by a senior mentor in your organisation will solve all issues - sooner or later you’ll need to work SMARTER at your IMAGE and personal brand.

(More generic training, following others' choices, buying more stuff or failing for styling trends will not help you progress meaningfully. They are more likely getting you back to lack of confidence, self belief and self-respect in no time, again!)

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Your A to Z accelerated training That Walks You Through the most comprehensive, compassionate and actionable Steps For Re-designing Your Image  to realise Your New Goals 

You'll have access to:

A unique collection of teaching,  stories, self-assessments and learning resources to guide your image ambitions and realistic goal setting! 

Practical guidance from a mentor who has a few decades experience in leadership, change and image management  

INSTANT access to training —so that you can just go out there and take your first step towards your empowerment with useful knowledge you can apply

Exclusive growing community of other smart women who care about Exploring, Growing, Designing and Realising their image for the long-term, not only for an event, interview or job promotion!

Four stages in 11 Modules

In the EXPLORE stage, you'll understand and define your image, exploring passions and envisioning your future. By setting realistic goals and addressing body image, you'll learn how to overcome barriers. Aligning your inner story, behaviour, and communication, you'll start acting towards your authentic self.

In the Growth stage you uncover the misalignments between your inner story, behaviour, and communication.

Explore diverse visual and sensory experiences to unearth your personal aesthetics. Use Image Ability's guidance to identify resonating elements and cultivate a unique image that emanates from within.

Master the art of distinguishing quality, fit, and design, forging a personal style that harmonises with your personality and values.

In the Design stage, you will strategically shape your colour and branding design choices to fit and magnify your personality. You’ll uncover what resonates with you and refine your personal brand accordingly. With our expert guidance, you'll develop a personalised image design strategy, leveraging the principles and tools of Image Ability. Define your distinct characterisation and delve into the realms of gravitas and executive presence, ultimately enhancing your overall influence and impact.

In the Wrap-up stage, you’ll learn how to achieve a harmonious balance in your wardrobe. You’ll enhance your efficiency aligning your ‘covers’ with your image goals. Review your characterisation within your industry and aspirations. Embrace a fresh perspective while shopping, making intentional and authentic choices. Finally, you’ll summarise your plan of action for consistent progress and celebrate your remarkable journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

How could you transform your life if it wasn't for complacency, lack of ambition - or of  compliments? 


How would it be if you stepped up your image to communicate your intention to grow, proactively?

You know only too well what you like and dislike, but conditioning, industry, circumstances have restricted you ability to express who you really are. You may be uninterested in clothes, or, on the contrary, seduced by glamour or power-dressing, your body image may be very poor or you feel intimidated by wearing certain colours.  You may have been a fashion victim for some time, or voiceless at work so that you do not appear to be opinionated to 'rock the boat';  whatever your image challenge is you cannot free yourself from it. 

You just wish to magnify your credibility and gain gravitas.  When the world is finding new ways of solving problems where could you get your inner strength for a genuine breakthrough?  Imagine what could happen if you and women like you could make the most of their inner assets to design the image for the life - and job - they wish?  

It's been tough - but now you would like to gather your voice, body and mind - re-mould it all in a confident YOU image.  So that you ooze and communicate your new aspirations.  With a structure and tools to help you understand the ins and outs of your image, your likes and dislikes and your inner characteristics you can drive your choices to re-design your image to your liking.  And re-kindle your relationship with who you are and what you have. You can re-learn to play, formulate your image destination aspiration and create as you live it. Learn to filter, curate, gift and share what you have with a smile. Then you will enjoy the outcome of both having fun and new meaning.  Just for a moment, imagine what you could achieve if your heart sings again when you look in the mirror - before or after that compliment.

Imagine you influencing others, leading more effectively and making a bigger impact.  Imagine you getting better at leading as a woman  - yes, even in a man-dominated world.

Before you ask, in this programme I will not tell you what to wear

...instead, I will guide you to discover your inner characteristics following a robust, informed and action-oriented approach which is delivered via this accelerated 'Realise your Future Image' programme.

You will learn how to formulate your own image strategy so that you take the actions only you can take to realise your image for your circumstances and aspirations. 

Ultimately, your image is about your character, personality,  physical assets - which, together with your commitment make your authenticity what it can be.  

At Image Ability we help you develop a capability to design your own image and personal brand for your new goals. The programme will teach you many things and most important outcomes are being true to your own 'fabric', so that you keep your image relevant and stimulating.  What you'll learn by doing in this programme is practical and manageable while regularly challenging;  you'll also learn to calibrate your aspirations if your circumstances change.  We guide you to develop a capability, not a dependency on our choices or taste.  

How to grow your image to create trust?  How to project a passion for quality?  How to develop taste?  How to detect aspirations from what others wear?  How to make a lasting impact by knowing your colours? How to spot a receptive attitude in the room without going to detective school?

The solution is simple.

You can develop your image ability - and it is up to you to do so.  You are closer than you think to your authentic image.  With a bit of help, if you allow me, I will give you access to strategies and tools to make your image aspiration your reality.  

Important Note: It matters to me that this makes an actual, quantifiable difference for you ...which is why I’m offering a 14-day money back GUARANTEE. If you're not satisfied with the quality of the content in the first module or for any other reason whatsoever, send an email to [email protected] requesting a full refund. Peace of mind?

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Make your heart sing by giving your image the credit it deserves.

Be part of an exclusive group of women who are learning image design the right way. 

Come on in! Your image affects and reflects everything in your life:  trust, credibility, connection, happiness.


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£1,650 (one time payment). Pay in full and save £330.  BEST VALUE


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Enrol now and pay in full. Save £330
Enrol now and pay in two installments

Frequently Asked Questions

The Programme gives you a structure, knowledge in video lessons, guides for download, tools and exercises for reflection and action.  You also have access and we encourage you to contribute to the Programme Community directly from your learning portal.


Once you become customer you will have access to the Programme Content for one year. To progress you need commitment and one-year access will give you generous time to complete and revisit your work and progress as often as you wish.  After the first year we invite you to our membership for access to more resources. We'll be with you every step of the journey you are taking with us.

There are 20 core lessons organised in 11 Modules. Overall you should expect 30 lessons and a similar number of sets of exercises. You also have the option to save and print your results and keep track of where you are.

When you enrol you'll also get:


Two Live Q&A Sessions 

Interactive sessions with Daniela to get help with your image questions  

Get personalised feed-back on your image project and answers to your questions to keep you moving towards your Future Image Destination.

All these are yours to access by enrolling in Realise Your Future Image

Enrol in Realise Your Future Image today!

Make your heart sing by giving your image the credit it deserves.

Be part of an exclusive group of women who are learning image design the right way. 

Come on in! Your image affects and reflects everything in your life:  trust, credibility, connection, happiness.


Join today for just 

£1,650 (one time payment). Pay in full and save £330.  BEST VALUE


£1,980 (in two monthly payments of £990)



Enrol now and pay in full. Save £330
Enrol now and pay in two installments

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